Morpheus Pro

Morpheus ProMorpheus Pro is one of the world’s fastest file-sharing program available at the moment which enables individuals to download and share any kind of media files.

Connecting to Gnutella – most popular P2P protocol network, Morpheus Pro offers an advanced file searching engine and which is able to return thousands of songs, movies, images, MP3 music, and media files within seconds.

This version provides Turbo Charged capability a special acceleration algorithm that will let you to search and download a way faster than any other p2p programs around.

Morpheus Pro‘s Special Features: Ease of use – just install, run, and search, Unlimited simultaneous searches, Customizable spam / family filters, Intelligent packet allocation — optimizes computing power and bandwidth, Will not broadcast or pass on “bad” messages, Automatic connection configuration for different speeds, from T3 to modem.



Morpheus Pro Features:

  • fast downloads from multiple users simultaneously;
  • advanced search system;
  • automatically resume all (requested) downloads;
  • allows users to chat with friends while downloading;
  • bandwidth controls;
  • integrated media player with full-screen preview mode;
  • supports UDP transfers;
  • parental control;
  • integrated browser;

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